4760 Eagle Island Rd, Hwy 24,
Bridge Lake, BC
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Casting on the lake



We have had the Lockhart Family reunions here since 2006, There's a day of Olympics with a variety of games pitting selected family teams against one another. We have suggestions for hilarious games. There's canoeing which is an amazing experience with many destinations like Honeymoon Bay where we have anchored a wharf in the middle of a bay of white sand and about 6 feet of water. This is a great spot for sunbathing in privacy.

We have our own boat launch so if you water ski, this lake is fantastic in the mornings for slalom and of course tubing any time of day. Hikers will love it here because of the trail that follows the lake with the sightings of many kinds of wildlife including the eagles that nest at Eagle Island just a kilometer away. We are hoping a friend of ours organizes the wildlife sightings tours which include some resident bears.

Lac des Roches is a favourite fishing lake for fly fishermen and trollers. With many terrific shoals the fly fishermen have a hayday during the hatch. The largest fish caught I know of was 17 lbs. Most are around 2-3 lbs but 5's are excitingly common. We also have the delicious Berbet, a landlocked Ling Cod. He is caught like his salt water cousin, down on the bottom.

For the kids we have exciting water park which consists of a gigantic trampoline with a slide to scoot down and the infamous LOG! The idea with the log is to have a competition to see who can run along it all the way to the end without falling off. We also have horseshoes, bean bag, bocci ball, and the snake toss belly flops and other contortionistic flops are abundant.