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Hunting and Ice Fishing seasons

Posted by rod on October 6, 2014

Our lake has a great reputation for its spring fishing. From " Ice-Off" , beginning of May  to mid July. We have met so many fishermen and fisherwomen who are delighted Peaceful Cove is open again. Some amazing rainbows have been caught since we re opened May/2013. See the pictures

Boat rentals $65/per day,  Pontoon boat $100/day ( seats 4)

Canoes $40/day

Kayaks $40/day 

It is our dream to development our resort on Lac Des Roches into a world class hunting destination. It is located conveniently for access to MU 5-1, MU 3-39, and MU3-30. Use Eakin Creek rroad, Wavely Lake road,, Blowdown road and Pioneer Lake  to name just a few.  They offer great access to prime  hunting and fishing.

Hiking trails along lake is spectacular aand has produced some breathtaking photos...we have created a trail up the mountain for a more strenuous work out but also the reward of an eaglenest view of the lake and surounding terrain.

We know the taste of the berbut is luring lots of ice fishing enthusiasts to our resort and we are open for ice fishing once the lake is frozen...ussually mid December. Christmas to New Year is fantastic. We celebrate by bring all our family  to the resort..clearing an ice rink on the lake and play hockey, broomball and whaever elase games we dream up...last year was a team race!