4760 Eagle Island Rd, Hwy 24,
Bridge Lake, BC
V0K 1E0
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Peaceful Cove Scenery

With crisp air and stunning scenery it's no surprise that people fall in love with their surroundings at Peaceful Cove on Lac des Roches. Experience the serenity for yourself. Book your cabin today.

  • Tumbling stream at resort
  • Woods at Peaceful Cove
  • Peaceful Cove flora
  • Big sky
  • Nature at Peaceful Cove
  • Relaxing brook
  • Open skies over Peaceful Cove
  • Peaceful Cove forest image
  • Rainbow over Lac des Roches
  • Peaceful Cove flora and fauna
  • Babbling stream
  • Sunlight trough the trees
  • Sunset at the resort
  • Lac des Roches daytime
  • Double rainbow at lake
  • Peaceful Cove at end of rainbow
  • Peaceful Cove stream
  • Raindrops on Lac des Roches
  • Tranquil and serene lake view
  • Nature in the pink
  • Birch stand
  • Pathway to lodgings
  • Grove of trees
  • Two piers