4760 Eagle Island Rd, Hwy 24,
Bridge Lake, BC
V0K 1E0
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Lac des Roches

Lac des Roches provides the perfect spot for recreational activitites such as fishing however, it is often the stunning beauty and wildlife that keep people coming back year after year.

  • Peaceful Cove boat pier
  • Resort Pier
  • Sole Boat along dock
  • Reeling in the line
  • Boat at dock
  • Peaceful Cove Pier
  • Fly fishing at Lac des Roches
  • Tree view of dock
  • Birds flock together on dock
  • Lac des Roches like glass
  • Peaceful Cove mountain views
  • Tranquil vista
  • Lac des Roches mirror image
  • Fishing on the lake
  • Two boats at dock
  • Calm lake
  • Long cast on the lake
  • Still water on the lake
  • Crystal clear lake view
  • Boats ready to fish
  • Peaceful Cove dock ready for guests
  • Boat on Lac des Roches at Peaceful Cove
  • Lac des Roches off Highway 24
  • Nature at Lac des Roches